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  1. We got the keys Sunday! Here is a tour exclusive for you membies! First look and walk through of the new house and some of the property! Thank you all so much for being a part of this and helping make this dream come true for us! We cannot thank you enough for your support fam 🙏💚 We cannot wait to get in and setup and get the new grow room done! Tons to do still but this is the beginning of our new journey and we are so excited to share this with all of you! 💚 Big things coming fam this is just the beginning! 💚 Neil & Heaven

  2. Man y'all should leave the wall between the grow room/studio room and take out the second one make that part with the breaker box the studio and put the CPU on that wall so u never see the box and leave the big room with the sliding door heaven "broke"(🤣🤣 lol) for the grow room with a few 5x5s and your 2x4s n 4x4s

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