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  1. Have question on how you use GroBuckets… When do fill up the reservoir?
    1) Periodically top off with water so that it never fully dries
    2) Fill up the reservoir as soon as it is empty
    3) Let the reservoir drain completely, give a few days until it is refilled

  2. hard work pays off in the end guys,,,,the haters dont like to see good guys succeed,,,you put pure time an effort in it all this,,,love it keep it up guys cant wait to see where you guys are in 5yrs,,,but i will be following close keep up the great work guys,,,xxxx

  3. Love you guys and all the content you drop! I fall asleep listening to y’all’s live streams, it calms me. You guys bring me so much happiness thank y’all so much for doing everything you do. ☮️🫶🏼

  4. What advice would you give to a grower that doesnt know about growing autos.Ive grown Photos and I have grown autos once and they didnt do much,it was very disappointing.

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