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  1. You gotta hold that shiit in lol. And maybe it's just the taste of your nail? Maybe try different strains of oil, also wax is always gonna hit you so don't complain smh

  2. nice, this was my first nail, picked one up back in like 2013 and it is still getting tons of use to this day, mine is seasoned pretty well and I get no "taste" from it, I got alot of friends that "hate" on titanium for the metal taste until I force em to dab out of this nail.. they shut up real quick..sadly I just picked up the titanium quartz hybrid and this guy is going into the dab tools box =( rip

  3. I just bought mine for 45 dollars at my local shop. I noticed some unpleasant taste at first, but tonight which is the 4th time I've used it, I got good flavor. I was pleasantly surprised. I like this nail a lot. I would recommend this to anyone.

  4. whats up josh my name is noah, i just subscribed but have been watching you for about a year and i just wanted to comment on an older video where i might actually be seen by you. Anyways i just wanted to say that you have been such an inspiration for me and i love what you do and hope you can be able to upload for years to come, peace!✌🏼️

  5. i had the same taste problem with my nail, it went away with time, but i think if i had a half gram or maybe more of some reclaim or some bad wax to dump on the nail… it might have helped it… i just seasoned it by dipping it in water when its red hot…  :/ best of luck!

  6. bro you have to season it before you use it. take some old wax or some poo wax and heat the nail up and just but the oil on the nail you have yo season the titiaium trust me fam

  7. Thanks for the review ,getting a nail soon and trying to work out what one i want.but from what i heard ,i think you will get more out of what you have there in time ,try and see.

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