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  1. tupperware container filled with alcohol (place bubbler into it and shake/ slide around) then let it soak for a while then run under your bath tub and use a q-tip

  2. Kushface you are prety stone men ! Your very lucky do not broke this yonderfull pieces ! WATH OUT ! Sorry for my bad anglish I speak french ! Peaces out Theccc420

  3. I paid $400 at a shop in Seattle for a E-Sidecar, my homie picked up a worked foot brilliance perc sidecar when high priority glass had a sale online i think it was also $400… deals for days son!

  4. Dang, just called the Cave and they don't have any. Mentioned a liquid jacuzzi? But then told me they don't do mailorder. Dang. Help help anyone have a suggestion? This is for an xmas gift and would have to be ordered and shipped no later then tomorrow.

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