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  1. OHG!!! My dog does not even let me touch his tail… I went to the vet last week bcse he was bleeding a bit. She expressed his glands but he continues to smell his anus and smells wherever he sits to check for odors. It is driving me crazy and I am kind of worried. I will try do do myself this time. I hope he allows me.

  2. Hi doc, i have a mini pug, and 10 days ago was the first time i smelled the fishy smell coming from her butt, and I took her to get a bath and they expressed her anal glands. but today, only 10 days later, her anal gland is 'full' again? (I definitely smelled it when i picked her up today.) She doesn't rub her butt on the floor or biting her tails, and her poop is normal, so is it normal for her to produce this smell just 10 days apart?

  3. This is great! I commented also on your tiktok video but figured you'd reply here. I'm curious whether the dog should cry when this is performed at a vet's office? I am thinking about doing the other video from the outside as my dog is fearful. If she yelps, does it mean it hurts or she is scared?

  4. Thank you so much Dr. Jones. I had taken my puppy to the vet about a month ago and he expressed his anal wins for the first time. I did it myself yesterday and noticed the smell of the liquid. These tips will be helpful.

  5. So I can use 2 tablespoons of olive oil in 1/2 cup of water with the lavender essential oil? Just had to take my pitbull to the vet for an infected toenail and he was scared so expressed his glands and would love to get the smell of his anus!

  6. Watching this at almost 4am after the fishy smell woke me up. 🤢 My dog was embarrassed. Question: is that The Police “Man in a suitcase” playing in the background? Interesting music!

  7. No matter how many videos I watch I have not been successful with my blue heeler to Express the glands. It makes road trips so terrible when he makes that smell. Thanks for the video.

  8. Thanks for the info. We've had to take our pug in every 4 weeks but it's still bad. Our vet recommended every 2 weeks. We've also tried "no scoot" which is psyllium, dandelion, and pumpkin. I don't think it really helps. Any other ideas aside from covering up the smell? We've considered removal but it's like 2000 dollars!

  9. Dr Jones, DVM, I really appreciated the video since our Sady had anal gland issues ever 4-6 months. As for the different remedies to help eliminate the smell what has been the best you hav found or what have your clients said worked the best for them. I’ll start with the ear wash but would appreciate your feedback too. Thanks

  10. I love your videos you're such a calm relaxing guy not to mention your good looking but your videos are so informative and I learned so much I'm how to properly take care of my pets thank you keep up the great work

  11. Thank you! Going to try this on my pug. He sleeps in my bed with me and every morning I would constantly find little brown goo spot(s) from his bum on my blanket so I would have to constantly clean the blankets

  12. My dog is leaking a urine like liquid but it's definitely from her anus. It happens when she lies down but also walking around now too. Sometimes when she sits there's a waxy substance on the floor when she gets up. It's yellowish green sometimes. The liquid has an incredibly strong odur like really pungent urine. It's been happening on and off for years and generally it goes away with anti inflammatories and sometimes anti biotics. Didn't work this time. Blood and urine tests came back ok for infections etc. Any ideas what I could be?

  13. So glad to find this video! Thank you! My little old man, Yorkie (he’ll be 16 this year) has an infected or maybe impacted anal gland…I think! Going to try and express them but he may not let me near it. Probably will end up going to the Vet. Although I’m new to the area and have no idea where to take him. He does great for a little old man! He can’t hear a thing but that’s really been his only issue. I give him your supplement and CBD oil….His food is homemade so I think that’s a huge reason why he’s done so well! Thank you for all of the great info you provide! It has helped me a lot! 🙂

  14. Great informative video! My little old dog (a now renamed breed: " CokapooP" ) hasn't been able to control her poops since we've had her. She was given to us and was morbidly obese, could hardly walk, besides other issues. Her poop seems to surprise her when it comes out. Her breath smells like death too. She's at normal weight now and can even run. But pooping issues remain.
    Could anal glands have any part of her lack of control? Our vet didn't know, but also didn't want to clean the glands. So I did it about a month ago and they were horrid, pussy yellow, nauseating!
    Should I keep trying? Didn't seem to make a difference, but only did the one time.
    I appreciate if you could answer. Thanks!

  15. I have a 12 week old puppy who has smelt like fish for days. I saw this and relieved his anal glands after realizing it was swollen on one side. Brown stuff came out but also what looked like worms?! Is that normal? I rescued him at 8 weeks and he had to be treated for worms and I figured they were gone because I haven't seen them in his poop since. I would feel so bad if he still has had them all this time.

  16. Perhaps you could do a video of the various causes of anal gland problems in canines. Along with things that could be used to help our furry friends. One of the biggest obstacles to owners is finding the right food if the issue is food/diet related. Some foods are to rich for dogs and the stool becomes not as firm to push upon the glands and then problems arise. Others contain nefarious added ingredients that are not good in the long run. Also talk about the role of starchy grains as being problematic.

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