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  1. Im curious of your thoughts on shapleys mtg oil on dogs for hair loss.. ive fixed my boys allergie issues but now im focusing on growing his hair back.. ive been trying everything

  2. I'm not 100% positive what is going on with my Chihuahua but the vet says he has hormonal hair loss. He also has an anal tumor and a heart murmur. Is melatonin safe for dogs with a heart murmur?

  3. I noticed my 7 yr old rotty has small patches of hair loss on the bony parts of her paws (elbow, wrists, knuckles), they seem like calluses but also with a bit of pus, not sure if its a follicle infection. The hair is easy to pull out. Any chance you know what that is? maybe do a video on how to treat? I've used coconut oil on it and it seems to help but hasn't gone away. Thanks Doc

  4. I spent thousands on my mini Aussie with Alopecia X. We did expensive foods, food trials. topical treatments touted to cure black skin. Melatonin. Fish oil, flaxseed oil. Treated for yeast touted system to cure black skin. One day he went out in the snow….he scraped his bare chest on the ice. It was raw and irritated not too bad. I washed it and applied Neosporin. Later I notice wow he has hair growth..,a lot only in that irritated spot, The dermatologist had offered needling but I was hesitant to do that to my dog plus it is very expensive. I got a wire brush for dogs, Started to brush his skin lightly, not hard just enough to get blood flow. I had some vitality oil for hair (an essential oil, I think any oil like olive or coconut might work, but don't know). Anyway at first his skin exfoliated. He had a lot of bilateral black bare areas. We are only 3 weeks into this treatment. His skin is lighter not so black and I see fuzz growing!!! I don't know if it will totally grow his hair but I will take what I can get as he has no protection and will need clothes in the winter or in the sun. It is working for us…worth a try. I brush the skin till a little pink being careful not to hurt him. He has grown to like it and will sit for the brush. He is very smart and well trained. I trained him and it was breaking my heart to think his life might be short with no hair, He did not itch or lick. He feels good and plays. I hope this helps someone. Please let me know if it does and I will update. Let me add I do give melatonin and have for 3 years. Oil bath does a lot to heal a dog even with other issues I have noticed. Put oil on lay a thin towel on and wet often with warm water, keeps them warm and they don't shake oil everywhere. I only rub the essential oil on my hands and lightly apply to his bare spots and run through his hair. Not enough to make his oily. For the oil bath, I used coconut oil which has a natural antibacterial effect. I hope this helps someone.

  5. I may have to try this on by smooth coated Dachshund if the Vet gives permission cause he's been on a lot of things and the hair loss keeps coming back. Right now the vet wants him bathed every three days with an antibacterial shampoo, anti itch with an antibiotic cream combined with vitamin E and a mousse /

  6. My girl, German shepherd called Valentine, had perianal fistulas, that's right, had. 318 days fistula free! We're down to one steroid a day from seven and she only started to show mild side effects in Feb 2020, a bit of a pot belly and a little hair loss. I've got her on a plethora of supplements, I spent days researching this condition and found a combination of human and dog remedies/supplements worked best. I've started her on salmon oil for her coat and a bit of extra help with her mobility as well. I'm confident it'll stop the hair loss, wish I'd put her on it years ago because the benefits are amazing, there's a reason why bears eat salmon. She did have a small bald patch on her back thigh and when I was grooming her today I noticed that there's new hair growth there. Fortunately any hair loss is from her belly, thighs and shoulders. Back in Feb she did have bald spots on her back paws and lower legs, they were tiny but are now completely gone. I'm, again, confident that once I drop her down to half a steroid and then none the mild cushings will quickly reverse. Thanks for the video and this is always a supplement I can remember and get if she needs it. I will consult my vet first. She's in very good health, she turns 11 next week but she doesn't look it and she's very bright and vibrant, loves learning new skills and I never get tired teaching her! Thanks again

  7. Thank you. I have an 8 month old black lab mix that has just started losing her hair along her back legs and abdmomen and itches all the time. As an insomnia sufferer I do have some melatonin and will be trying this out. She's due a trip to the vet anyway so we can get the underlying reason checked out. Wondering if melatonin has the same effects on dogs as it does humans? Makes them sleepy?

  8. Sir I have a 4 month old Shih Tzu puppy. We brush him every day and bath him every 10 days . He is having red allergy spots over his body with hair loss . We are using a lotion and a shampoo recommended by the vet . Plus we have also given him a Bravecto for ticks and fleas

  9. Thank you for the video! My puppy is 3 months old and is a mini poodle but her hair has become so dry and is thinning drastically around her neck and body.
    Do I give her regular human melatonin? I take melatonin nightly 5 mg, myself

  10. Hi good evening I had a question I have a Siberian full coated huskey and he’s got hair lost in certain spots and it gets dry there I’ve gotten him shots and shampoos the shots temporarily help , what can it be and what do you recommend

  11. My Choc Lab has hair loss at the collar line at the top side of the neck and a narrow strip on top of the tail. Would Melatonin be effective for the areas when there is no itching or other symptoms present.

  12. Right now every night I have been giving my dog a Omega 3 1000 mg fish oil capsule. She has hair loss in some particular areas, such as under her legs, on her neck where her collar sits, and a lot on her stomach and chest.The vet just told us to give her a bath once a month and give her Fish Oil. Does anyone have suggestions?Also she has dry skin and she also has short hair so it can’t really see her skin much.

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