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  1. thank you for posting a video on my birthday🤧now i feel a little bit better it feels like you celebrate my birthday for me😂ima get high all day cause nobody even know that its my birthday even my close friends but that’s okay cause i got some weed to smoke😂🎉🫶🏻

  2. I'm not from the states so I'm not sure how it works for dispo interactions, but maybe a video on the highest terp flower / PR's etc in your area and do a blind flavor test 🔥🔥

  3. Yo I js seen ur bong video while u smoke a gram fast and like u chill asf new sub I smoked a blunt w u during this at one point we was having a conversation 😂😂

  4. 1. Blunt in a hottub is such a vibe & ik it takes practice, but I'm so jelly of how well you ghost❤
    2. Your looks of disgust with the egg tits and dino noises..same 😂
    3. If you had to choose between blunts/ joints or bongs, what would you pick?🤔

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