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  1. Serpentza and Laowhy have been exposing the CCP for years here on youtube, frame by frame they analyzed these propagandists and the western, paid shills that do the propaganda for CCP from or out of China for money. Chinese propagandists and this "50 cent army" of trolls and bots have been branching out to other platforms more frequently as well, twitter, insta and facebook, denying everything that is clear to the eye, persuading us that black is actually white and even recruiting others (mostly leftists, liberals and communists) to do the same whilst blaming America for everything. Similar thing that Assad does, he flew these "travel bloggers" and "political bloggers" out to Syria on one occasion, right after the war, to say how the country has "tourist potential" and organized a big party out in a place called Sednayah, a place where he most likely built a crematorium to burn all the bodies of the Muslims he killed.. These bloggers are dancing and drinking on graves.

  2. 多去关心下乌克兰吧!中国新疆的问题就像美国枪支问题一样,你们能改变什么?如果你们关心中东的人权问题也许还能让人相信,为什么只关心中国;

  3. The Chinese government has pivoted for years to promote their Communist propaganda!
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

    🖕🏼🖕🏼china 🤡🤡🤡

  4. Over the past 40 years, China has brought 770 million people out poverty. That's a fact you won't hear Vice mention. Like Vice, mainstream American news media is incredibly biased against China; they will never say anything good about the government. I'm not saying China is perfect or doesn't do bad things, but keep it in mind when consuming anti-China stories like this.

  5. After over 5000 years history, China still have over 120millions of Ethnic Minorities including 12.7millions Xinjiang Uyghurs, 1.8millions Muslim Kazakhs, 13.0millions Muslim Hui & over one-half million other minority Muslims. The Tibetan population is over 6 million also.
    In comparison to USA together with Canada and Australia short histories, how many "millions" of Native American in North America and Native Australian left??
    Not even one million because Australia & USA and Canada have literally exterminated over 95% of Native Australian and North American Native Red Indians. THIS IS WHAT WE CALLED THIS REAL GENOCIDE.

    Where are the MASS GRAVES in Xinjiang? Unlike the North America Red Indian children whose Mass Graves can be physically located in Roman Catholic Church ground and Residential School ground.

  6. All this said unironically standing on my grandparents bones. Lets talk about the ongoing genocide of Native Americans? Let's dig up some dirt around American schools. How many thousands are still being dug up?

  7. LMAO is Vice being serious, these so called 'influencers' get 1-3k views per video 💀

    ain't nobody care about them or paying them

  8. For speaking ill of cotton that is produced in Xinjiang, China will reduce the shipment of antibiotics to the United States, which represent 90% of its domestic consumption.

  9. can anyone link the videos that are allegedly propaganda, i can’t find it. i even searched the chinese titles as shown in this vid and i still cant find it

  10. This video is propoganda. There’s truth in it tho regarding ughyur subjugation. The ccp isnt communist, idk what communist robots are, or what socialist agenda those influencers are pushing.

    Its not ideological warfare, its just state interest propaganda.

  11. This media once filmed Guo Wengui's propaganda, and many Chinese who were not clear-headed were deceived after seeing that propaganda, which is really very credible.

  12. Yeah sure, promote more hate on China and promote something that isn't proven just like the weapons of Mass destruction on Iraq, the US never learns or they deliberately do this and then make documentaries 20 years after the war. Vice, you are such a CIA propaganda mouthpiece.

  13. Vice is becoming ridiculous ! It's like a Chinese media outlet trying to convince the Chinese people, that the American gov is using Kanye West and Candace Owens as a propaganda to whitewash the US police crimes against the blacks. Those Uygher influencers are like Kanye West and Candace. Put a camera in front of them and what they say, does not necessarily mean the gov is involved !
    Oh, 8 years ago, Vice '' Islamist Militants on Israel's Doorstep: The War Next Door (Full Length) '' according to your thinking, can be a propaganda for Israeli occupation of Syrian Golan heights !

  14. How do you know these videos are propaganda and not the Western sources, had you bothered to investigate the Western sources from the primary source on? Had you bothered to look into Adrian Zenz's accusations to see if any of he material he puts out is well sourced? The sources commonly used as 1) The Uyghur Tribunal 2) ASPI 3) Jamestown Institute and Adrian Zenz. These articles can be found online and seen through, look through their own references and tell us who's making propaganda.

  15. This is a good exposé – propganda can run from all sides, not just the US outwards, China does produce propganda themselves, too – I might give a major criticism – the video is implying this is systemic, that China is flooding our lands intentionally with misinformation, that these girls are basically agents 'of the government', with few steps removed. This isn't always how propaganda is made, though – a good amount of the time, esp for people like influencers, they're not a part of some grand conspiracy, but instead they're supporting what their culture supports (and the powers of their culture), good, bad, or different.

    Now, the one complication is that Youtube is banned in China – that is possibly maybe an indication this propaganda is more organized, but not necessarily – proxies exist everywhere, and the Great Firewall, I am relatively certain, is likely semi-porous – they could just have both Chinese social media accounts, and be posting across other platforms to reach more people (esp if they're near the border, where they can just cross to get into the greater internet). It's not exactly above board – China literally has a set of concentration camps setup (not as bad as those currently in the US, but really, really bad) – but, the way propganda works needs to be understood with more attention to detail – Vice's narrative that these girls are basically agents of the state, not necc untrue, but I can still see a lotta scenarios where they really do believe most of what they're posting, and are not acting purely in bad faith. Just like us, these people are the same – and that might be even scarier, than even non-malicious people might serve as conduets for serving up some truely malicious propaganda pieces.

  16. No mention of how the Australian Strategic Policy Institute is funded mainly from the Military Industrial Complex? No mention of Adrian Zenz? Economic prosperity in Xinjiang? CIA backing of separatists? This is absolutely one sided at best and straight up US Empire propaganda at worse.

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