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  1. yooooo bro, been following you for a while now and god, this was probably your best video ong 😂😂😂 the vibes, tha gameplay part had me dying… keep it up man, much luv from brazillll ❤️🇧🇷

  2. I can’t smoke backwoods no more 😭 I use to smoke like 2-3 a day then took a huge break from blunts, now when I try to smoke backwoods my head starts to hurt I get nauseous

  3. I really want you to start ending your videos better bro. I watch your videos all the time and they look like they cut off at the weirdest points and I personally don’t like that. Take some time with these videos and think about an intro and an Outro for your videos before you start.

  4. ive just rolled 2 js up, u saved me right now, my gf was gonna come over and we were planning on making brownies and everything, but she got in a fight with parents and shit… so this vid came up right in time.
    off topic but i been watching you for a few years now and i, maybe because im already stoned, have a trip that your life and the person u present online gives off the "episode of the season"
    anyways, lets spark this bitch up
    challenge accepted sir 🫡

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