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  1. Years ago my dachshund ate a lb jersey kiss without our knowledge. She was fine. Happy dog.
    My dogs get bites of chocolate but not a lot. Or chocolate in cake or such.
    I didn't know that about dark chocolate though. That's what I eat and use.

  2. It would be fantastic to have a video on how to treat environmental allergies – I put my 15 month old American Akita on immunotherapy and he had an anaphylactic shock – I’m going nuts trying to figure out if I’m harming him instead of helping 🙁

  3. Now that's what I wanted to know a comparable size of chocolate. I drives me crazy people say chocolate is toxic to dogs. Of course most of us know that but I appreciate knowing a amount. My dog a couple years ago picked up an open pack of reeses cups soneone dropped in the street. He picked out one of the cups and I was lucky I got it out of his mouth in time all intact.

  4. Yep. $700.00 emergency vet but think she had thrown it all up before we got there. The hydrogen peroxide followed by charcoal capsules would have done the job but we didn’t know how much time had gone by. We had to sell things to get the money in to pay for the vet bill that went on the credit card. We are still very careful but guess what? Somehow she found a 14 year old clear marble and buried it under my blanket. She is relentless when it comes to scaring me to death.🍀

  5. I had a little mini schnauzer, who once ate a box of chocolates Christmas Eve that we did not until the morning. Of course there is no vet around on Christmas Day. My disasters ALWAY happens on holidays! All we could so is watch her, make sure she drank a lot of water. She had a tummy ache, but that was about it….thank goodness! She was a little snoop and would rummage through the gifts under the tree. So at Christmas she had to stay in my room, with the doors closed at night. She lived to be 16 yo. Sadie girl was my first schnauzer and I have had them for 40 years. Love the breed.

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