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  1. Women suffer the most in sexually repressed societies such as S Korea and the US. Sex is a taboo subject in both countries and women become victims of sexually repressed men. This does not condone the behavior, but explains it. As long as sex is repressed in a society, women will suffer.

  2. My partner worked outside the office door where her superiors concocted ways to blame female soldiers for their own rapes so they could send them home. That was the US Military, where VICE is.

  3. They voluntarily choose to be in a profession whose essence is testostrone, domination and violence and they have the cheek to complain about harassment? What did they expect in the army? Sometimes left wing idiocy defies belief.

  4. It's beyond me how anyone could be so naive to expect respect and understanding from a bunch of hired killers. Oops, but that's what a soldier really is isn't it. Or am I totally wrong. I wish 🤭

  5. With strong and conscientious women like Captain Hyelin leading the way for military reformation in regard to sexual abuse and assaults, So. Korea is in good hands because it takes a big set as a female to challenge the patriarchy. Brava👏

  6. Cmon SK.. button up those uniforms tight and wear it with honor. Serve your country and make it better for yourself and those around you. Stop abusing each other.

  7. Being a soldier is a brutal job especially if there's a war, a job only men should partake in except for nursing or other support positions.

  8. Sexual attacks are in the USA military as well. I know women that committed slow suicide through self-abuse, self-destruction and depression. It is horrible that the government does not address these heinous crimes.

  9. yep. compete with men, the patriarchal system, harrassment, ect. more sjw garbage. i see their military is basically koreans wearing and using U.S. gear, and copying U.S. woke rhetoric. if this is what youre most concerned with, please dont enlist; maybe social activism is your calling.

  10. The problem is that the people in position to punish the abusers often don't do it. A way to address this would be to create more severe, rigorous and clear laws to punish the abusers. So that, independently of who gets to judge these cases or whom committed them, the sentence applied be a rigorous and inevitable punishment.

  11. Reasons why sexual abuses happen a lot especially in the Korean military are closed environment, loose punishments, closed confucianism and military bureaucratic authoritarianism in it. It is not only a matter of institution but of rooted Korean culture as well. It’s a far away road to resolving all the sexual problems in the country. But we have an impotent, conservative, and irritating leader now.

  12. I was raised under twisted traditional morals, SA and more by the hands of a ex-Navy and policeman father. Raped at 13 by his stepson and another neighbor (both 16) then told if I wanted to be supported by, marry a man or go into the military, expect this treatment 24/7/365 on demand in exchange – sex for support. And the deeper lesson, trust no one, ever. Especially the police. Anywhere. Never enlisted, permanently single.

  13. Well, what did she expect to happen when she thought she's an equal counterpart to men. Don't choose such careers where sexual harrasment is a part of daily life. Army is not some fairyland where everyone is peaceful and dance together in fairy costumes.

  14. Men in the military are not the most stable men. Lots of toxic masculinity. This is true all over the world. So this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. You can make rules and to some extend the rules will work but rules don't change hyper masculinity. Women should consider this when applying to the miltary.

  15. It pretty much happens in workplace where the ratio of men and women is so one sided. Military is a place for men after all and it has been proven that woman presence in war field or in fights only brings inefficiency instead of better result. They should just hire female officer to work in the office with female higher ups too instead of mingling them together.

  16. Sexual abuse is not just like it happened and you forget like a physical scar. It's a trauma that lives for, I don't know how long. You don't know when the feeling creeps even while normal life. You don't know when you're going to dream the exact same feeling or even worst.

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