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  1. That looks like a lovely African country typical black person doing sorts of heavy, hard-core drugs. Whatever they are you guys waste your life away I’m trying to help these Black people never gonna make it in Africa. You’re always gonna be stuck in Africa.🤣😂😂🤣😂

  2. As a South African, I want to tell the world that many bits of information in this video is misleading, false and pure propaganda; A vice perspective of South Africa. All sects of our countrys demographic has drug problems, regardless of class or race. Wouter Basson is not solely to blame for for this drug epidemic, it was opportunists from all walks of life, predominantly the Nigerians, the Indian subcontinent and the Chinese who has colossally fuelled this problem.

  3. Why did Vice turn off the comments for The Tate video? VICE are the FEDS….what other videos did they turn off the comments? No more watching these RATS and fake journalists

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