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  1. I can't watch Vice at the moment. Love the documentaries, but the stupid European Commission add pops up like every 2 – 3 minutes. I probably wouldn't mind as much with a variety of different ads. But the same 'Hi, I'm Claire…' 8 times in a video drives me nuts!!! Sorry Vice 😂✌🏻 You WILL OWN NOTHING & BE HAPPY!!!!!! (Thanks WEF)

  2. This topic is one of the ones vice actually does a great job covering. I'm not a fan of most of vice's content but I do like this coverage and a few of their other topics.

  3. these cartels get so large that they eventually have members with varying opinions which inevitably leads to splits and whatnot, i liken it to how Icarus flew too close to the sun, but then the problem is, even if you do not want to get too big as a criminal organization, you need strength for safety, and even though you could say that they might wanna get in, get their money and get out, look at Jesse and Walter(it's a film yes but the analogy fits), they tried the same at first but you never know the journey till you walk it, there's a lot of dynamics that you think you can handle when watching it from the sidelines, i digress but my point here is this is always gonna be a cycle not unless an external factor directly breaks it up, although i must say, there are some exceptions to this case, like Pablo, but after him, it's all a cycle.
    My only big issue with this is that over time, this situation gradually desensitizes once rational and law abiding citizens and integrates them into the same line of thinking as members of these cartel organizations, i mean, that's literally how they are able to recruit new members cause even for some of these members, especially the young ones, that's all they've known all their lives. Once this has happened it grows into a habit and i can tell you that in as much as i sound like a rational human being i have done some completely idiotic things because of the effect of habit, not to say that this is justifying their actions but there are external factors that also contribute to the growth of these organizations be it music or movies, etc and once these things have played their roles, influencing people, it turns them into zombies in autopilot mode, but again, there are so many more things that affect this habit loop that it would be hard to state them all especially i not being Mexican
    It's hard to say that i know what would fix the situation over there, i'm not even Mexican so yeah, i just wish y'all over there safe and happy days ahead. Stay safe and be blessed

  4. This is Lame
    Don't belive the Hype. Mexico is safe. I go visit Angostura, Sinaloa a few times a year. If you go there showing off and you part of any street cartels, you will get served. Other than that keep to your self and your Golden.
    No one can tell the story, but the people that live there. Esto es Basura

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