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  1. These MREs' are like 4th or 5th generation and much better than the ones that they first came out with. I enlisted during the changeover when they were going from the old-style C-RATs to the new MRE in 1983. Despite having only a few good items in them the one desired item was the packet of M&Ms. Anyone that ended up with the cheese or peanut butter would try to trade that as it would stop you up for a month. The worst was the frankfurters if you had them during winter. They froze easily and had to thawed for an extended period before they could cook. And since several of the individual meals had dehydrated packets, it forced you to use a lot more water than both your canteens could carry. They didn't have CAMELBAKs back then or these newer field packs that come with an internal water bladder. Most of us went out to the local surplus stores and got one-gallon canteens to supplement our water when we went to field or on deployment.

  2. People complain endlessly about these meals but seriously… If they had been in the shit they wouldn't say jack. They'd be saying thank God for chunky fruit punch. Praise God and the US for the hot sauce in the MRE pack. I'll trade you my cheese spread and my hot sauce for your three chunky punch packs. Do it!

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