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  1. Drew, does the condition need to be diagnosed? I’ve been to doctors about anxiety multiple times and have been prescribed diazepam and propranolol multiple times but never had the anxiety diagnosed officially

  2. can people from Ireland with legit epilepsy I hate take the big doses of keppra side effects is Memory loss and can't eat but smoking all medical as best I can from Cali . if been told there is an eu clinic an Irish person once told me I can try an eu placement but I can't remember where and how the guy explained the whole thing in a short conversation so I ain't sure but I now know the Irish people are getting prescriptions but either in UK or some private clinic in eu any ideas drew plz

  3. Looks like I won't get it, I got 3 on the list BUT yesterday had my online appointment and cos I got a heart condition she said she thinks it won't happen, got fingers crossed did it on my Birthday too.

  4. Big up drew,just received my first prescription but I’ll be honest the buds is awful.not flavour at all and bone dry. The buds been irradiated which definitely makes the taste and smell not pleasant and the price was ridiculous..back the the Albanians for me I think£150 a oz😂

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