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  1. Great technique, great reminder as to what is possible.
    I rinse my jar with dark red wine. Tonight I’m using a 2011 Petite Sirah, that is if The Mommie in the other room doesn’t drink it all first.

  2. Nice idea to use jarred pasta sauce adding in chicken stock for a homemade tomato soup. Lately, I have been using a store brand marinara and adding dried basil, oregano, onion/garlic powder, black pepper and just a bit of crushed red pepper flakes. It really helps giving it a boost of flavor.

  3. I just made it and its delicious the only thing i would add and that's because I put it in almost every dish I make is norr other than that this recipe is delicious "chefs kiss"👩🏻‍🍳😘

  4. Throw some wine, garlic, salt if needed and some sugar if the sauce is acidic. Some hot peppers for a kick and then you have a semi decent sauce. Store bought sauces are just not that good.

  5. I like to blend the onion/tomato up and sometimes add roasted bell pepper in aswell. If I want chunky I won’t. Another good tip is if you want ALL the sauce out of the jar use your pasta water! It will give a great texture to your sauce.

  6. If your (nasty) tomato sauce in a jar, or your homemade sauce for that matter, tastes too tomato-ee, add some ground cinnamon along with whatever other stuff you want and simmer for (at least) half an hour. Cinnamon doesn't need to be sweet, it can work for umami as well and can balance flavors when nothing else seems to.

  7. I bumped up my tomato sauce following these steps….and mmm mmm mmm 😋

    I also sautéed the basil with the garlic, onion & tomato and it released it’s flavor to the sauce. Plus I added parma cheese. Deli deli 👌🏻

  8. Will venture you had in mind Eddie Money's, "Two Tickets to Paradise"! Chicken stock and cream for cream of tomato soup. Yum. A little sugar tones down the acid. Cold pat of butter at end a nice finish nicely. We used to call it, "Doctored up".

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