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  1. when i empty my bong water even after one hit(mostly the ash catcher) the yellow water stains my sink and my sink stinks.. of course i clean it up with alcohol but its beginning to become to long of a process. also same thing tried putting the water down the toilet and on the sides is still res.

  2. Saw this video on Worldstar and came here just to hopefully get a response. Lol. How do you get your bud out of the ash catcher though?!? At the end you show how much it caught, and those chunks in the perk itself there is the shit that gives me a fucking ulcer. It will NOT come out! Lol. Hoping you’ve got some clutch way of doing it. Happy smoking man.

  3. bro does he know do si do ( cant spell when im high you know what I mean ) was a flavor of girl scout cookies in the real things you sold as a little girl so they would technically be related flavors so thats what your are smelling

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