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  1. What I do for schmalz is make flavorful soup concentrate and then I add vegan butter/coconut oil or a combination. Then I refrigerate and the solid fat forms back on top with all the flavor from the soup concentrate and then dilute the rest back into soup. I live to go as far as to make clarified stock with sea moss. If you use silken tofu instead of egg and add this type of shmalz instead of regular schmalz it turns out amazing. I used to eat at a deli in NY with these amazing old posters of matzo ball soup and I didn’t have it often it didn’t become a favorite dish of mine until later on. Now I make it pretty often I just did the other day.

  2. I liked your video way more than any other. Thank you for sharing this greatness. I always been curious to know what it's like. I'm going to try it. 🤗 I'm Christian so it's going to turn me into a Jew lol, just playing. Thank you again. 😊

  3. I'll try to make this for my friend. He loves our chicken soup (Hispanic style) but this year he wants to have one of those dinners he used to have with his parents( Matzoh ball soup), when he was little. I'll try my best.

  4. So I feel bad. Im the Religious Jewish Uncle….. I make my sister and her neices Matzos Ball Soup from a box. They love it, and think its a special occasion, but – this is totally better. Way to make my seder even harder!

  5. I do it very similarly. One thing I add (because I cheat) is a packet of ramen seasoning. Really cheap, but good. Multiple flavors seem to work. I use chicken.

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