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  1. The eyeballing while holding the glass is ridiculous. You might as well hold your jigger with the same hand as you hold the glass. This is what pretentious/cocky bartending does. Doing things for the sake of doing things

  2. I'm just not good enough to make it taste right without actually using a jigger, and one with the ¼ oz increment lines in it to boot. I'm so impressed by bartenders who can be accurate to the quarter of an ounce without a measuring device and never get the balance of flavors wrong. It's almost unbelievable.
    Actually, strike that: I don't believe it. 😁

  3. Just an alcoholic with tattoos…doesn't take a genius or even talent…I'm a bartender and house cook, and there is too much of a tendancy to overglorify with smoke and mirrors…just do your job with the drink and unbuttoned shirt, and don't pretend the money you leave with at the end of the night is bc you're so spectacularly talented

  4. everyone is complaining that he didn´t measure the ingredients or that Bacardi is shit but guys please! First of if you are a good bartender and pay attention to your pour the mesurement of the ingredients will be good it is designed to pour at a consistent rate. Also Bacardi is not complete shit and just becouse you make a Daiquiri with Bacardi doesnt mean it will taste bad! (granted a better light Rum would make it better, but the general customer would most likely not even notice) What matters is if the lime is good and it was freshly squeezed so it´s most likely good. What should bother you and what makes it clear that you don´t know what your talking about is that he didn´t double strain it.If you don´t double strain it you will have ice crystals in your drink which you don´t want unless you have cubed or crushed ice in the drink.

  5. Memo to everyone getting down on Bacardi: Relax. Simple solution… use your rum of choice. How about that?! I personally like Bacardi in a daiquiri, although I use 10Cane if I have a bottle of it around. For anyone wanting to actually 'overthink' this cocktail, checkout Jim Meehan's vid. But with tropical type drinks, I tend to go with the free spirit approach of Steve. Nice vid!

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