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  1. Using it in this application, does it make a difference if I shred the Cheddar myself or purchase pre-shredded?
    I know the cellulose coating can affect some recipes negatively, but I was wondering if it even mattered for something like this Mac and Cheese.

  2. I love that you curse. That’s the one reason I’m subscribing. Because to me that’s the sign of a person who is real. I don’t trust people that don’t curse. A person who curses is just being real. I respect that.

  3. So there I am, in the midst of this Corona virus thing having to cook inside (though I cook every day). I had a brain lightening strike,…"could I make GREEN Mac-n-Cheese? Well, I YouTubed it to see if anyone else dared to try this thunder storm. Wouldn't you know it? This lady totally made GREEN Mac-n-Cheese. Love it!

  4. If you have a small shitty food processor mix everything up in a bowl first. Your greens and your liquid then process in small batches transferring to another bowl with a spatula. A beschamel sauce with cheese in it is a mornay sauce BTW. I hate being that guy so please don't at me.

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