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  1. You can also run hot water over your flower cheesecloth pouch & pour that into a separate container, then refrigerate there will be water separate from the butter or coconut oil on top, drain the water keep the butter.

  2. It's even easier to put the ingredients in a mason jar and put that in the Crock-Pot with water around it
    in the crock pot and then you don't have to clean the crock pot any pour the Mason jar into the cheesecloth

  3. Once the cannabis is decarboxylated and you get it out of the oven is it ready to be consumed? Or is it necessary to mix it with coconut oil in the crockpot? Thumbs up on your step by step.

  4. Thanks bro, just made my first batch last night. Did a little over 2 cups to 36 grams of flower and a gram of reclaim. Going to make gummy bears today and blast off.

  5. This is just the same way as making vegan canabutter? I don't get it… do you just not put it in the fridge to make it and use the oil as is?

  6. I've heard you need to use lecithin oil to help the molecules bind properly. Also I heard that squeezing the cheesecloth can cause the taste to be too strong, and doesn't enhance the thc quality. Any thoughts? btw…how do you calculate the thc levels for the gummies?

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