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  1. Iam from thailand and massaman curry is one of the least know and underrated curry from thailand. More people need to know about it. All i see people make is green curry (which is also 99% messed up and not spicy enough). In thailand we have so many curries which western people have not heard of. Another one is jungle curry which is spicy asf ( not western people spicy, it is thai people spicy and we ate alot of hot and spicy food like unimaginable amount of dried thai chili powder) i bet if western ppl will have it they will end up in hospital or smthng very critical will happen to them.

  2. I tell everyone that my mom taught me how to cook but my dad inspired me. He was a terrible cook. We hated it when she got sick because we never knew what he was going to fix. I learned QUICK to cook.

  3. That's not how you eat the wingette… and I'm not sure why he didn't reduce his sauce to a glaze consistency. It'll actually keep the wings much crisper…

  4. I can imagine being a commis in his kitchen getting shithoused on the fryer with wings and him standing over me screaming that drums and flats don’t cook at the same time. Working a fryer sucks.

    They’re closed by the way, hopefully only temporarily. Another really cool place, headed by a really cool chef that is struggling through this horrendous administration’s nonresponse to a dire threat that has killed a quarter million (no end to that in sight) with destroying maybe the last great bastion for the working class to interact with all other classes in an honest and communal way.

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