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  1. Than you Yola for your content, it really makes me happy to be able to vibe with you for a while. And congratulations to both of you guys, you deserve this succes more than anyone! 🎉

  2. Thomas ive been watching you forever broo!! i fucking love you im from Merced too bro currently in Mo town. but crazy how made your way to the top G. Stay Hustling G. 💯💯

  3. Much props to you guys that was so heartfelt so inspiring you guys nailed it . The definition of a true Hustler To a tea awesome job gyes great show

  4. this was an unreal episode, this opened my eyes to the opportunities that present themselves to people no matter what situation you're in. I love you Thomas & Marty! I'm 23 and my baby girl is due in 2 weeks and it has been tough financially but you both have inspired me to keep hustling and take those opportunities no matter how scary it might be! Always bet on yourself and manifest what you want in your life! Everyone can succeed, the only limitation is the ones you create for yourself.

  5. You guys absolutely CRUSHED this. Honestly, listening to power and passion in Martys voice.. That's that proud dad voice, that's that keep it going no matter what voice, that's the I've grinded this sh1t out and now I'm reaping what I sow voice. We're all proud of you guys, here's to your success 🍹

  6. Motivational🔥‼️ you guys are a mold for this community and are some of the major pioneers in the new wave🙏 y’all doin more than you realize💪💪

  7. Yo Im so happy and proud of you guys💖 this is exactly what i needed to hear today. I’m getting pushed out of my job and I’m finally going to quit tomorrow to find better. This is giving me the inspiration do to that. Thanks for all that you do🤍

  8. I jumped in my pool and cried underneath with my eyes open. You Fucking made it kid. You fucking swear you ain’t. You fucking made it. It’s just the beginning. BRING IT ON

  9. Yo man lives the videos, quick question are you going to be able to do a podcast with your sister , I think there would be a lot of memorable stories to tell💯

  10. You guys are unstoppable keep it going I’m taking notes I’m hustling in the 9-5 rat race right now but trying to break out and do my own thing on YouTube and also with music you guys are such a big inspiration keep doing dope ass things 💯💵

  11. I just watched your Q&A video and my mom and dad used to get shitfaced, drunk and stumble around like you talked about and it just meant a lot. That you said you would never do that in front of your kids plus I’ve been a diehard Packer fan my whole life go Brett Favre

  12. The best period! Love how down to earth you are and how hard you have worked to get where you are. It always shows when some people have had everything handed to them compare to some one who has worked there ass off. Keep up the great work brother.

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