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  1. I tried this recipe for dinner today. Made a double batch b/c after watching your video I thought you knew what you were talking about when you mentioned the holy trinity and Louisiana hot sauce. OMG!!!!! This shit is really good. I’m going to be looking at more of your videos.

  2. Never cook a dark roux in a shallow pan. She knows this.

    As someone who has experienced a severe second degree burn from cooking a jambalaya base in a rondo only to have it splash on my thumb’s knuckle all the way to the middle finger, the most excruciating pain I ever felt in a shift. Every time I turned from the pass to the grill I thought I was going to hyperventilate and pass out.

    Guys look at me like I’m insane now because I never wipe away hot oil that hits my skin, but it’s because when I did that day I saw the entire layer of skin wiped off with the paper towel.

    Worked a grill station for the next 10 hours because it of course happened super early in the morning right as the lunch rush popped.

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