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  1. I like this recipe alot. I don't like lamb so I would try it with chicken. I love her story and seen her on here a few times, the story behind her food truck. She is good. Thanks for sharing, Eden

  2. @Munchies Please be aware that Eden always points out that Makina Cafe and the food she makes/sells/promotes is Eritrean/Ethiopian cuisine. For some reason your titles always say “Ethiopian.”

  3. Leaders have a big influence on peace between two countries. And we have a duty to follow if they are working for peace. You have done your duty concerning the unity of the two cultures. If we have a puppet leader like Meless or Getachew then we know the place for peace. Sellouts have no respect for peace as long as there is profit in it. Good luck with your business. Hope we will have your branches in Asmara and Addis, even in Mekele after the idiots are put in prison.

  4. ሰላም ኤደንዬ የኢትዬጲያን ምግብ በአለም እያስተዋወቅሽልን ነዉ እናመሰግናለን በርቺልኝ እኔ ከኢትዮጵያ የምግብ ቪዲዮወችን ነዉ የምሰራዉ ቻናሌ እንዲያድግ በምትቺይዉ አግዚኝ ቻናሌን በማየት ምክርሽንም እጠብቃለሁ ከልብ አመሰግናለሁ ❤❤❤🙏

  5. It looks delicious!!!

    Don’t know if i can find the flat bread… but I’m going to try this beautiful dish for my girlfriend!!
    It feel so cozy the Ethiopian dishes are amazing to share with family!


  6. I was surprised to see wine in an Ethiopian dish, as I assumed they are mostly Muslim. But a quick google-search revealed 1/3 Muslim and 2/3 Christians. I learned sth via food… again 🙂

  7. I fear if I make this I’ll be accused of cultural appropriation. I’m sure it’s great but I’ll stick to peanut butter and jelly. Unless that was from a different culture. Then I’ll eat potatoes.

  8. Dude at least 50% of the people watching this video live in other countries, just share the full recipe.

    From one chef to another, you know one recipe doesn't make a business. Open up.

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