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  1. I don’t subscribe to YouTube channels even if I watch your shit over and over and over again I don’t subscribe to YouTube channels I don’t know why I’m an asshole I just am, I rarely throw a fucking like on somebody’s shit Even if it was a super helpful video to me I guess it’s just the ADD kicks in and I forget… I’ve made a lobster roll hot and cold even though hots no fucking rocket science there’s not many different ways to pour butter on lobster in Jam’It in a brioche roll. but this guy this is my new chef this is the videos that I’m watching just the way he approach his life with this can-do fuck it attitude it really feels like I’m back in my New York kitchen cooking with my mother and she is a bitch but she could cook so thank you sir I like your attitude I like your approach and I like your mentality now hopefully your videos and meals continue to be good

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