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  1. Im soooo attracted to the woman with curly black hair. and to see her baking is sending that attraction through the roof. one day I'll find a wife.. maybe. eh, whatever happens will happen. its not so bad being single and falling in love with every female cashier at the grocery store who asks me, "did you find everything alright?" and is aged anywhere between 20 – 65. the eye contact is like free-falling after going so long without a direct opportunity to stare in someones eyes with the knowledge that the experience will be over within 1 – 3 minutes (depending on the amount of groceries). but maybe I do need someone to care about? surely, there is an essential human component which craves compassion, understanding, and partnership. what happens if you neglect that for too long? does the flame of the hope for love burn out eventually? or intensify until one dies alone after working all of their life to distract themselves from the fact that they have no one to show care for. or receive care from. Who knows. I just going to keep living until I am not able to anymore. seems like the best bet.

  2. so many fucking micro instructions " you wanna fold the dough 2 times to put it on the pie pan , you wanna use your palm cause its cold, you wanna make sure you " SHUT THE FUCK UP UGH

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