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  1. Very far from traditional. Seems ok but westernised. Needs red wine vinegar among many other things, def not ketchup. For anyone wanting to cook it legit, check out Madhur Jaffrey

  2. Don't use pedal! It's staccato and he didn't write any in, plus it's so fast you would have to lift WAYYY more often. For any curious he's playing mozart's rondo alla turca

  3. …and he plays classical piano??? Dude is a man of mystery!

    "Fuckin' delicious" was genuine and hilarious.

    Despite the ton of prep and big time commitment, this actually looks do-able. Also looks incredible.

  4. I still remember the first time I ever tasted this dish. In Goa, at Andron Restaurant (look it up if you ever visit).
    As flavours exploded, my eyes involuntarily suddenly opened very wide, a smile broke out, and I looked at my friends who were also eating it for the first time. Everyone had loved it and was looking at each other for reactions.
    I don't have to tell you that we demolished it and came back for more the next day, and I still go back whenever we're in the vicinity.

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