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  1. There is a new Tasty Pot restaurant that just opened few months ago. I took out the Taiwanese hot soup. It was very good. Better than my first order few days ago. I wanted to learn how to cook Taiwanese hot pot. I found your channel. Than you. Will try it.

  2. Guess what we are having for Christmas dinner. We have had Sukiyaki several times and thought it was time to try something new. I think we may be making dumplings as well. My mother was an English teacher in Japan and we had Asian food as often as we had Western food. I am getting a head start by make my the broth now. I just started cooking it and it already smells so good.

  3. Hot pot needs to be boiling yo! Every time! For every Asian hot pot out there! You do not use crockpots for hot pots! No exception! This video makes me cringe every time! Will Munchies please retire this one and make a new one coz this recipe is so wrong! How do you expect frozen dumplings get cooked in a crockpot?!?!?

  4. I know this is before covid. But u tasted the broth with ur spoon. Put it back in the pot and stirred the broth. Then you salted the broth took the metal spoon proceeded to taste the broth over the main bowl as it dripped from your spoon and mouth back into the pot of brith everyone will be eating 😒

  5. Fuck all the snobby comments in here (Not traditional/authentic enough for you? Then watch what's geared towards your experience level instead of shitting videos MEANT FOR BEGINNERS)

    Yeah, it's white-washed and untraditional, but justifiably so.

    This video is great introduction that encourages people from all ethnicities to cook, taste, and learn about dishes from other cultures – something the world needs more of ❤
    And using crockpot (which most people already have) as an alternative makes it feel more accessible/doable for curious first timers.

    Not everyone has the extra money and/or extra storage space to justify buying a proper hotpot (especially if it'll be rarely used).

    Though if you do have the $ & kitchen space – Have fun shopping and enjoy trying out your new toy!!! 😊

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