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  1. This is not the right way of cooking this dish, this woman is not Persian and she obviously has no idea how to cook this dish. It looks disgusting 🤢

  2. I really don't understand why people started putting turmeric in Iranian food. Saffron yes, turmeric hell no! Is it just a cheap way to give it a saffron yellow colour? I think so. The food I ate throughout my life never had any turmeric in it.

  3. It’s so sad Iran is not safe for the majority of the world’s population to travel to. I’ve always wanted to go to Iran to see the historical sites, taste all of the fantastic foods, and meet the friendly people. I hope in my lifetime the government of Iran morphs away from their religious affiliation to a democratic government that welcomes people of all beliefs.

  4. It’s better you go teach your Indian food have you seen an Iranian teach Indian food ? So none of your business Persian food understand ?

  5. I’m cooking it right now and steaming rice. It smells so delicious. I appreciate its simplicity yet comfort food. You were happy, humorous and charming. Thank you.

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