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  1. She said way too many things wrong to make her a host she did not, make panko she made regular breadcrumbs, and a brine will remover water from the pork adding the flavors from the brine to the pork chop.

  2. I saw someone made a comment about the salt concentration being off in brine, I thought I might just post my comment here again so people would understand what’s going on especially before they follow this recipe. When she said a cup of salt, she didn’t specify what type of salt or what’s the actual volume of that bowl/cup. But, she did say “97% water, 3% brine” which is the correct ratio. As per her 6 cups of water which is 1420g, 3% is 43g of salt which is 4-5 tbsps of kosher salt, 3 tbsp of sea salt or 1 1/3 tbsp of table salt.

  3. MORE ELENA PLEASE! She’s not energetic but somehow, she’s not boring. She’s just very pleasant- is the only way I can describe her.
    Anyway, this was a really good video and recipe

  4. Tonkatsu looks great 👍 but she did put the pork into a boiling water… ught. And didn't prep the meat to appropriate size and cut the side fats without removing it. That's not how japanese tonkatsu are made. On to of that, she doesn't know how to shred cabbage for tonkatsu. They re too thick. Supposed to use the cabbage slicer to make paper thin.
    Need slice of lemon on the side and tonkatsu sauce. Some fancy tonkatsu restaurants here in Tokyo where I live also offers sea salt. Some people like salt instead of sauce. She should have researched or learn from real japanese professional tonkatsu chef before pretending to know everything and posting this video.

  5. i definitely think it's worth making your own sauce. Equal parts ketchup and worchestershire, little bit of oyster sauce, some sugar/salt/cayenne to taste. Bulldog sauce will taste bland in comparison.

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