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  1. Using this video as a general guide I went with 7 grams of ground weed that I decarboxylated in the oven, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 11oz honey. I soaked weed in oil in a crock pot hot water bath for about 30 minutes. Strained weed infused oil through cheesecloth then blended with honey. I shook the honey bottle occasionally as it cooled and never had the oil separate from the honey as others had. Did two teaspoons and had a great buzz going on. Three hours later did another 1 1/2 tsp and was locked to the couch. Slept great.

  2. This video got me into making edibles when it first came out! Can't believe how long that's been! Here's how I do the decarb, careful if you use a lot, you can end up tripping balls, atleast that's what happened to my non smoker friends after they had some.

    You wanna decarb your bud for about 20mins on 180C, any higher or longer and you'll get that wack wet smell.

    When you mix in the coconut oil, it Should only need about 20mins on the stove. But can go longer, I've found 30max seems to be the longest for good results.

    If you don't have a canning jar and just use a normal one, I suggest burping them every 5 mins (open the lid to let pressure out) make sure you use a tea towel so you don't burn yourself!

    You don't need the blender, just sit the jar near you with the cap on n give it a shake every couple of minutes, the oil with make it set to the creamy colour along as you keep shaking it until it cools down. If its a cool room or day, it'll set quicker, around 30mins to an hour.

    Best thing is it goes great on toast and the mild weedy flavour makes it all the more delicious!

  3. if i follow your recipe ratio but want to make more. thanks brother btw this is awesome. how many mg of thc per milliliter, ounce or liter whatever you have the stats on or does it just become the same thc % as the herbs used. so if i want to make your recipe

  4. 2 questions so far should i use premium shake 28-34% THC or is it better to use the tiny nugs to get most extraction. 2nd im not 100% on this 2nd question/part but im about 80% cuz once you see it you'll see why. did you see how your honey in the bear at the end was the color of coconut oil. im almost positive. its not dangerous to use what you use but its way better and try fractionized mct coconut oil, its a completely clear liquid almost like you were putting in propene glycol. its specifically refined and foood grade, you used unrefined food great and the MCT part of the oil has been know to help with memory Alzheimer's and dimensia.if you use that i bet the honey will come out almost 100% honey color, but the main thing is that its safer and provides benefits

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