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  1. Nah,,, tried your method exactly. Wasted my damn distillate with this. I even knew going into this I shouldn't try it. THC will not bind with VG alone and will not bind to sugar or water. U missed a step or ur full of it and wanna piss folks off. Thumbs down on this one homie.

  2. Just another video of a guy doing the stuff he's doing completely wrong.

    Why is it so hard to find good stoner informations? Are all stoners permanently so stoned, that they can't even think straight anymore?

    The stuff he has on his bottle does not contain much cannabinoids, all are still somewhere in the pot, on his stirring tool or wherever.

    Distillate CAN NOT dissolve in sugar or water. Period.

  3. Your channel needs so much more advertising dude please do some crowdsourcing ! It’s so under rated you’ve got the vibe and the right way of speaking a know how . I can tell you’re a living breathing nug keep it up growmie

  4. Hey question, when I do this I can tell most of the distillate has become a solution and “dissolves” into the water and glycerin. However after it sits for a while I notice some, not all of the distillate floats to the top. Should I add more vegetable glycerin? I’m using 6grams to your half gram of distillate. Am I using too much? Or could what floats to the top be impurities in the distillate? Really appreciate any feedbacl

  5. there is no way this worked for you… the oil and water did not mix together, I doubt you could combine the distillate with just the vegetable glycerin all the way let alone 90% water.

  6. I’m trying to make cannabis syrup myself. It’s hard to find the 1000mg smooth syrup make by the Klear. Can I do the exact same thing with distillate? If I have pure distillate how can I turn it into a syrup ? Also what is the ratio so like if I put say 1gram of distillate at 90% which is 900mg thc, would my edible end up with 900mg total thc or?

  7. Is there a reason my concentrate didnt break down? It just stuck to the sides of the pan with little chunks floating in the water. I turned up the boil real high and it didnt help at all. Any ideas?

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