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  1. I think to clean an open wounds with a shaver , and pushing hard the wound , and put local lidocain to the wound it is just a barbaric and horror thing. thanks God nobody did this with my dog! If yes i Kick him in he's balls! I have a Golden, all in he's life have Hot spot on the summer., with the diet is much more better / because Golden are extreme sensitive and food also cause hot spots, so avoid all grain, chicken, pork and all kind of meat and only buy grain free 100% wild fish organic food , but be careful, and be sure that is free from chicken powder!!!/ but because of the extreme hot summer he still have . Before i start the process i give him Bach flower rescue remedy to be a bit calmer and less stress! I just gently cut shorter around the wounds the hair, very gently clean the wounds , mostly i just do with spray i don't touch it! and put natural Hot Spot spray and a collar to save the wounds andlet them heal , because when it is getting dry your dog will scratch and to lick , which is not good at all!. when it is getting better and wound is not open anymore you can start to use 100% organic aloe vera gel !..I really don't know what are you doing here but also your home remedy is a bullshit! Please people go and find a real and good doctor who knows how much pain for your dog an open wound , and treat gently your poor dog! Someone who give for a bad infection real medication and steroid injection if the spot is really ugly and not getting better…

  2. Thanks for all of your efforts Dr. Jones. People talk about cheap dog food being an issue. Could you direct us to dog food that you would suggest? Thanks again and I'm your newest subscriber. God bless us all.

  3. Gosh ..thankyou so much !!! I am so grateful that I can always just watch your channel when I have concerns..I love my pitty/ no lab boy Axile !!! I love my pets , all pets ..!!! Could not find magazine description to get. ??? I want to be live on line too

  4. What if the hotspot/s are on your dog's belly areas where it can be hard to get airflow to cuz ur dog keeps laying down all the time.if u r home all the time then it would be easier to keep your dog from laying down alot.but yeah when your dog lays down i feel like that moist environment is very encouraged by laying down cuz the folds of skin under there rnt getting enough air.

  5. I’m confused. I bought the things in this video and then started second guessing the whole asprin thing so I looked it up and every site says to keep asprin away from dogs no matter what. My boy has a hot spot now for about 7 days and I have considered this remedy but I’m afraid to use the asprin that I just bought. HELP 😳🙏

  6. I pray someone sees this! 🙏 Our Bassett had a major surgery and the bandage that was wrapped around him caused a large sore spot. It's not technically a hot spot but a raw wound that is very painful can we use this treatment and would we use it as a spray? We can't bandage it.

  7. My dog aged 6/7 months,after vaccination it stopped eating about 6 days then it started eating but then i found out a red,woozy, smelly, greasy area into It's back neck behind the head, i google and i m quite sure it's called acute moist dermatitis (hotspots),but i m so much worried as i can not give proper medication to my poor dog as there is no vet hospital or doctor available the remote area i'm living. So, please help me suggesting proper medication and medicines needed to heal it soon.As It's seemed really painful to the dog.Thank you.

  8. I need help ASAP. My dog suddenly out of no where had sudden pain by the tail/back area. And ever since then randomly he bites that area so much he tears his fur and skin off. I took him to the vet and they said it was allergies but there’s no way it can be that. We were treating him with the medicine they gave us and the area where he bit himself healed but the pain never went away. If I grab him on that area he lets out a huge cry as if it’s super painful to be grabbed there. How did the vet not catch this and what could it be?

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