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  1. Awww what a lovely cat,my cat will not allow me to do this,she gets annoyed and goes for me. I love her so much tho,I just wish she understood that I am trying to help her.

  2. I wish it were this easy. I have tried everything. My daughters beloved cat will not allow anyone to brush AT ALL. I have tried absolutely everything. Such a precious friend to my daughter, but a complete monster in grooming attempts. I cry, I cry so much because she is extremely matted. I am down to her getting sedated at the vet and shaved down. I hope this will help her to be a happier cat.

  3. Your suggestion to use coconut oil on a matted area doesn't work! I tried it. The only thing it did was make my cat look like she was just pulled from an oil spill!
    I had to give my kitty a break from the grooming session. When I saw her an hour later, the little bit of oil I used was all over her! She looked like a grease ball!
    So DON'T even try coconut oil. It didn't work at all, just created another mess to clean up.😠

  4. He is doing it wrong. He is pulling too hard with the dematting tool.
    He should pick the hair more gently from the top of the hair toward the skin, while holding the cat’s hair behind the tool.

  5. My cat is becoming elderly and is arthritic so is finding grooming her lower body more difficult. She is long haired and has always hated being combed so I do it but she has a very short tolerance fuse to it. I’m scared of those claws she becomes very aggressive fast.

  6. I just tried this with my very shy long haired cat. He normally won’t let me brush him or hold him. Usually after I try brushing him he hides for days afterwards. I can’t believe how well the CBD oil works for him! He let me brush out his mats completely and even ate afterwards. Now he’s hanging out in our living room like nothing happened! Thanks for sharing your tips and making this so stress free for both of us!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, and for sharing non-pharmacutical, easily obtained products to help in the process. There are so many videos about dogs, but very few for cats. I discovered my old man cat, whom I though had just a few mats around his collar, is actually COVERED in mats with massively impacted fur 🙁 We've been working daily on trying to cut them out, but its so stressful for him. I'm looking forward to trying the CBD and coconut oil (and I ordered a new brush), and see if we can avoid having to get him shaved.

  8. I just cant understand how with your kid, you start at the bottom of a knot and work your way up but somehow with cats we just pull the full knot out of the skin… can you imagine if hairdressers did this?

  9. Ok, I've got to try the coconut oil. My cat allowed me to shampoo her and I've found that if I use a microfiber towel to wet the fur and dry it that it helps a lot but there are still matted areas that I couldn't get. She finally sort of put her teeth on my hand to let me know she was getting stressed but didn't use any pressure. She definitely knows I'm trying to help but I need the oil and a better comb so going to Petco today and I'll get her a nice treat for reward.

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