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  1. My opinion only probabaly here I find this an awkward way to roll and alot of effort. Prefer rolling with roache in, and tucking from the roche end and the head of the joint end. i would say this is less effort while making a near perfect cone while being able to tuck and roll up before licking within a second. Then just need to flat off the head of the joint then enjoy the smoke 🚬 but still he at least showing everything he's doing and respect that he is teaching people how to roll a cone

  2. BBRRRRRRROOOOOOOO YOUR HAIR I GOT FREAKED OUT LOL I CLICKED IT AN I WASNT EXPECTING UR HAIR LIKE THAT LOL but shit keep it on the videos I'm anew subscriber bro keeping it 💯💯💯💯💯

  3. Yo I’ve been smokin for 6 years, still don’t know how to roll a J, since I just use bongs and pipes. But decided it’s time to learn and this has been the best video so far. All the other ones had me ripping the paper and spilling the weed.

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