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  2. Could you help me start one ?? Please like I have no money and really want to start and make some dude I live for weed it's my purpose in life I need this

  3. Im so high that it looked like the smoke in my room looked like it was in your room. Then I realized that there was actually smoke in front of the camera and I literally felt 4 dimensional. Now Im with the aliens.

  4. Hi everyone!
    I just made my channel and uploaded my first video 🙂
    Come smoke with me, & leave some comments!

    P.s. Listen to me talk about meeting Josh at the Boston Freedom Rally last year!

  5. as a baby weedtube channel i know what you mean!! i make my videos just for the simple fact that i like it! i just like sending positive vibes. i actually accidentally stole your outro so i changed it lmao. but i love this channel so much. its like a dream to be this big but hey im perfectly happy with my small community! as long as i make one person smile i say its a good day!!!

  6. youre such a genuine guy. watching your videos about a year ago around the same time you started coming up, and wishing I could smoke weed for a living! Now returning to your channel after a bit, I see how much its grown. You inspired me to chase my dreams of growing. Thank you.

  7. Dude – my buddy just sent me a link to your channel! Love the energy and content! Sub'd brotha. The reason he sent me this link – is because recently I started doing some Toke&Talks – smoke sessions and Cannabis Culture – Informative stuff and sharing my journey. I love how you started the channel as an outlet for learning and helping, it expanded into this huge machine. You got 366k subs that's awesome! I don't know of a ton of youtubers in this niche – but found yours and wish you and this community the best!

    Lol our stories are so similar…. food service and all – well mostly serving/bartending.

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