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  1. Just got a 7 week old lab husky mix and she’s chasing the cat. Normal

    The cat has a lot of patience but doesn’t like when even humans approach her quickly (only I can), she’s a rescue.

    She’s not hissing or trying to constantly attack the dog or anything it’s not bad.

    I just have to teach the dog to be calm around the cat

  2. Just adopted a 3 year old from the animal welfare. She was there for a while and the first day she didn’t show any interest in the cat. The second day the cat went after the dog now the dog chases her. I don’t want to bring the dog back to the welfare society but this is crazy.

  3. My suspicious are confirmed. I saw all those videos " dogs and cats happily ever after", but now I know that dogs won't stop chasing cats. Same with cats& birds.

  4. I had 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 kitten. They were just fine until one day, the 3 dogs suddenly fought each other. I didnt know why. Since that day, my dogs began chasing my cats and bite them. My dogs are large sized. I am afraid that one day my dog will kill my cats. Once one of my cat ran away and came back after 1.5weeks. I was sick of them. What should I do?

  5. it’s been a few weeks since we adopted our cat. Our dog wants to chase him but the cat wants to be friends. We’ve got them to the point where they can both sit quietly next to each other. We have the added bonus of having a cat that has turned out to be very obedient and trainable too, so that’s a plus. The cat is more likely to harm the dog than the other way around so they can be together but only under close supervision. We hope one day that they can truly be friends and actually play and snuggle together. Both get lots of exercise which has helped enormously. Thank you for a lovely video and great advice.

  6. The thing is mine is a puppy and nothing i mean nothing works on him he does not care not even a BIT!!!!!!! he will bite and chase the cat no matter what

  7. I have a dog that I’m pet sitting and I have 2 cats one named Mila and one named Charlie and she barks at then and chases them around the apartment. What I do to stop her is to get treats and put close to her mouth or her nose and she’ll stop for a tiny bit.

  8. I have a jack russell and we brought home a kitten, things have improved and she just wants to play, but you can see the terrier jumping out when the cat moves. Hopefully your suggestions work :/

  9. I just got a Pit Bull – Terrier mix and we have three cats. He’s only 3 months old and is never too harsh on the cats when he does pin them down but he just chases them all day every day and it really stresses the kitties out. Gonna give these tricks a shot. Thank you for posting!

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