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  1. I have always adored the way that tomato greens smell but have never tried to do anything with them because the green parts of plants in the nightshade family are supposed to make you sick. I am going to investigate more on this before I try it.

  2. If you live in a house or have access to a yard of any sort just start a compost pile. I took on the mentality that if I need to exert a large amount of energy and time into taking my vegetable scraps and turning them into food then it's not worth it. These are all great ideas, but honestly, you can invest them in a much more efficient way, stocks, compost piles, etc. And yea, like one of the comments mentioned, carrot leafs with expensive cheese and roasted nuts. I'd rather just throw the carrot leaves in compost and make proper pesto with home grown basil …

  3. 'Senior' scientist. Lol. Why not just say scientist? All that superiority is not needed. P.S. I'm a scientist too but don't bother with telling people my seniority as I don't need people to 'admire' me

  4. Freezing a more stuff is a pretty important reminder.
    Instead of letting that banana sit and grow old in the fruit basket for one more day, just pop it in the freezer and use it for a dessert in the future.

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