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  1. I especially enjoyed the interview with the male chef who made the river fish. Just like very intimate, very personal, the way you two interacted was like old friends with something in common. Really beautiful moments there.

  2. Tourism is a market for selling spaces as commodities. The real and imagined collapse into a commodity of space organized so that the consumer feels himself to have a genuine experience of some culture. Whether that experience reflects the real life experiences of the real populations it doesn't matter. It takes advantage of Consumers expectations based on their hypostatization of culture.

  3. I love this insight on China. Honestly, like Eddie said in the other episode, since people are so restricted on internet, they aren't able to make podcasts of their daily life. Im sure there are people like Eddie that have lived in China their whole life. It would be so cool to see someone from there on Youtube making daily videos.

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