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  1. Most of these hits u didn't even inhale idk If u give it an alright rating from the looks of ur hits I'd probably go a little higher u look cooked and I know ur tolerance it up there!

  2. Great video as always! Love my proxy when I'm chillin alone or with my girl. Anyway, I have an idea for a video. You have the dopest collection behind you. Give us a tour of your special pieces and maybe your cool memories associated with them. idk.. just thinkin

  3. Love ur channel! I’m a Pennsylvania mmj patient. I have anxiety about vaping/smoking. I use tinctures & capsules. My problem is panic attacks and HIGH ANXIETY!! Any suggestions on how to find a method of using mmj that would kick in in less time because during a panic attack I DONT HAVE 45-60 minutes to wait for it to kick in!! Thanks buddy!!

  4. The secret I wanna know is how do youtubers get sooo much smoke? I can berly make my 2 grams and 8th along with a cart dont last long im sitting here at work wishing I was dabed the fuck out hahahaha bored and sober as a gopher.

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