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  1. See people living like this and keep on thinking maybe we’ve got it all wrong? Like we put way too much importance in rank and level and self importance that we naturally push others away. But maybe this is it, this is how humans should be, Truely equal but just with different roles, all at the same level. Like it’s definitely our egos that stop us but I know absolutely everything has that fleeting thought at work about just living like this, I’m just saying maybe we shouldn’t pass it off and just do it. Like what harm will it do? Why don’t we just do it. Surely if we remove the thing that place our worth on others judgement, then that’s happiness?

  2. Call it psychology or karma belief. If u put ur emotions into a hunt you are bound to cycles. Human beings are coherent to happenings. Someday this woman will try to do justice to this animal and call it her badluck.

  3. This is entirely different from 'traditional hunting' by the local nobles anywhere.
    They would pick out a nice spot, set up their pick-nick and tea stuff plus butler and maids, put up a comfy chair and wait, rifle in hand.

    The lower servants would then be driving all the wildlife towards that spot, which in most cases was a natural bottle neck or they would have put up wires and netting to make a bottle neck.

    As the hunt started, the nobles in their comfy chairs would see wildlife rush by and then they had all the time to pick off a few.
    I imagine it must have been a bit like shooting targets at a carnival, only the targets were moving and you were shooting from your comfy chair.

    During the time of the Soviet Union, high party members would be invited to the country side to a luxury datcha.
    To get to the actual 'hunting site,' sometimes the local party members would have constructed a convenient little piece of highway so the high party members could drive all the way in their limousines.

    At the end of the line, a bear family (mother and her cubs) would be carefully set up and safely bound so the party big wig could give it a nice shot from close up.

    A similar situation like this occurred in the USA when Theodore Roosevelt went bear hunting (minus the piece of highway but with the bound bear family) and he famously refused to shoot the bears, which led to the introduction concept of the 'Teddy Bear' into modern folklore.
    Up till then, bears weren't considered cute but after this incident, it all changed.

  4. I hunt deer and elk here in Northern Calif and Northern Idaho, for takin deer I use the Winchester .270 Model 70 XTR Featherweight that was given to me when I graduated 8th grade in 1987, and for elk I use the pre-1964 Winchester .300 Mag Model 70 Featherweight that was passed down to me in 1991….they're the two greatest huntin rifles ever designed and manufactured….😁….🤘🏻🇺🇸

  5. Everything he said, the right animal, the right time, the right life for it to live, goodnight. Honestly great for her to take a step outside something she may be comfortable with to experience a different walk of life.

  6. shes a good lass her she did it with honest and she didn't hold back her feelings. there is a wide range of emotions that comes with killing any animal and that needs to be respected whether you are meat eater or not. I am a 35 year old man and the only thing iv ever hunted has been fish and rabbits and even then I do my best to put them down as fast as I can.. always aim to make it as least suffering as possible.

  7. Well done for not shying away from tackling a subject that cops far too much flack from ignorant people. Hunting, butchering and cooking your own food is extremely satisfying (and healthy) and I wish more people, youngsters in particular, would embrace the hunter gatherer principles instead of trolling the countryside ways, then popping out to the corner shop and buying overpriced processed food. I understand you guys have several hours of footage from the kitchens where you learnt how these foods are prepared, would be good for you to put a program together with that footage as well.

  8. “I’m so sorry I broke your heart” no you aren’t sorry…….. it wasn’t necessary at all. No offense please but I felt deeply sad for the innocent animal killed for nothing.

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