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  1. I'm only here because i ate a 500mg candy bar the other day. I took one bite and two hours later i felt nothing so i ate a few more and still felt nothing. So i was like whatever, even i got sold a regular degular candy bar at least I have a candy bar. So i ate the whole thing. Sure enough an hour later I was stupid high, like talking to myself, threw up, and convinced myself I had shit all over my bathroom and forgot about it, that kind of high. (i didn't). I woke up a day later still high, ordered pizza, ate it, and fell back asleep the whole night. do not recommend.

  2. I must smoke too much or something even though a bowl pack or a joint a day is my Max either way they can eat 1500 mg of edibles and not feel it just a waste of my money

  3. I’m a light weight and taken 3 500 mg brownies and smoke a blunt at a party and I only remember everything spinning every time the music started and and the louder it got the more it everything spun where were heavy metal bands playing and my ride left me( I got a ride home tho) worst trip of my life (will try again)

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