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  1. The city of New York housing agency HPV is totally corrupt. i filed 27 complaints in two years for emergency issues no heat no gas no stove mice no hot water holes and they repaired nothing. One inspector told me I dont need heat because 'THE SUN provides heat. He refused to show his id or give me his name.I filed a legal complaint The judge allowed the city more time to finally get repairs done but again they fixed nothing I;m going to get a lawyer now City fixes nothing. I;ve had pneumonia andalmost died thank you NYCHA

  2. Mold, pipes, infrastructure yes of course that is wrong and it needs to be dealt with immediately however, it works both ways doors hanging off its hinges, 🐀 and bugs running around, food all over the damn place is not a landlord issue.

    People, STOP jumping to conclusions and think.

    We lived in poverty in Manchester 4 boys and 1 girl in 2 bedrooms but, my mum was house proud and the house was spotless.

    No excuses with keeping it tidy, infact the landlord should dealt with that by issuing warnings about the heath and saftey of the home….

  3. Way to go young man. What a job and a way to give back and make a difference in your world. Thank you for making a difference that matters.
    I to have taken tragic events and used them as a power.
    Never stop moving forward.
    God bless you on your adventure.

  4. My dad used to work as a social worker and he had to wear gas masks into these kinds of apartments because of how disgusting it was. Rats and asbestos everywhere

  5. At a certain point the Tennant's should be responsible for living a dirty lifestyle if it's dirty af and you got mice and roaches then you should be responsible to clean it up and spray for bugs

  6. Remember that movie with Joe Pesci? He was a slumped. The judge made him live in one of his slum rentals. And anything he did to make his unit better he had to do to the entire building and all rentals. Because no one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE should be forced to live like this. THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE NOT THIS BAD

  7. I totally agree that mold, leaks, sewage, and even mice are landlord issues but roaches…I'm not so sure. Even in the clip where he picked up the mattress, underneath was filthy. Now unless it can be proven that the roaches and filth were there when they moved in, how is that the landlords fault? AND If it was like that from day one why move in? To me roaches are a tenant issue.

  8. You think that's bad. Bruh my home is filled with dead souls. I've had a six foot tall black figure walk out my back door. Slam the screen door. I've had lights flicker after my best friend overdosed. I had objects slide on my countertop out of nowhere. And still till this day. It is a soft jazz tune playing in my home. That I can never find. Oh. And I have Roches that crawl through the wall when I try to sleep. I hardly doubt any of these people are living worst than me. Well except the mold people. Y'all just got bad luck. I just live in a haunted house. Not so bad cause the souls.dont bother me physically or In my sleep. So I could careless the things they do. Just don't cross me. And I won't have to expell your soul

  9. My community housing was told of various buried materials in yard.
    Told them I raked it multiple times still finding foreign materials.
    Said it needed a machine to take out atleast 200ml and replace with clean fill.
    4 days ago I stepped on a needle discarded next to a buried sharps disposal container.
    I have emailed them 4 days straight and still no reply.

  10. I’ve got a HOTEL in America that is a slumlord facility!!! I wish you could come here!!! Light bulbs burned out, ballast is broken. I bought and replaced the lightbulbs and fell off the chair put in the men. Thousands of cockroaches in my room at one time, black mold, water damage, laundry room “broken” & NO plans to fix it. Carpets are disgusting, no working vacuum on property so I had to buy a new vacuum $170 bc nothing here! NO MAIDS SOME DAYS! If maids are here, refuse to clean your room! Old grease on ceilings, bathroom door jams, & walls! Handyman, tears up and throws away work orders. It’s an absolute slum lord HOTEL!

  11. Landlords are the absolute worst. We were just served with a 60-day no-fault eviction because the LL's son is moving in… after we dealt with construction the past 10 months!

  12. Oh, and one more thing. You can't make people care either. That's a soul thing, and nothing you can do about it on this relm. You can only make yourself into what you want others to be.

  13. Nobody forces anyone to live in those conditions. If the landlord couldn't rent a dump it wouldn't be one. I'm not trying to say it's ok. I'm just saying people control there lives more than they think or maybe want to. Everybody wants a mommy to make things fair, and safe. The thing is change comes from within. You can't make anyone do anything they don't want to.

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