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  1. You could at least have gotten CBD flowers in Italy. Hash from Morocco is also available there, mostly from Arabs or blacks. Next time go to Holland, you can smoke weed senseless there. Or to Germany, make an appointment with AlgeaCare beforehand, there you will get a prescription from the doctor and you can then buy your cannabis in the pharmacy. Fanta is a German invention and originally always tastes like orange…..

  2. I am on a 6 months toleranz break. 5 months and 2 weeks are over so far. I have 2 more weeks, than I can smoke again. The first weeks were hard, but know it's ok. (I am from Germany so sorry for my bad english) Wish you all a good day:)

  3. No sleep, not hungry, warm.. that's it.. they got weed in europ always but not legal.. much love from Sweden

    I quit for 2 years, that's the longest ever ..back at it as always..

    And day 7 sucks the most..

  4. Steve-O had to smuggle his weed up his behind for the jacka$$ crew when they traveled abroad. A tolerance break is always a good thing, it's healthy and you high as f**k with just a little.

  5. I am in the same boat as you are but I am quitting for financial reasons and I went from flour to just using a Vape pen… Saving so much money so far… It has messed with my sleep schedule and I've been super tired for the past week no matter how much sleep I get… These are the side effects of quitting

  6. i think the longest i’ve gone was around two weeks? i wasn’t able to get any weed cause i couldn’t get in touch with anyone and it really sucked the first few days but i also happened to be sick. i barely ate anything the whole time so i had very little energy and sleep was near impossible without melatonin

  7. LoL..I smoke everyday for medical reasons. I have PTSD, Achalasia, and psoriatic arthritis. Every now and again I take a day off here and there, but after taking the day off I get super baked from dabbing. I can go without flower and be fine, but I get really irritated when I take time off from dabbing.

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