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  1. So proud of you Dr. Jones & stand by you …..bless your heart for standing up for what’s right in this sick corporate infested world….way to run Doc ….from Vancouver Island ….❤️🇨🇦🙏

  2. You are my NUMBER ONE!!! YouTube and l will never miss a video.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post and give us sooooo much good information about our pets.
    I have learned so much bye watching you, best wishes on your trip to NYC..
    Be some thing warm just in case is still cold in NYC.
    I’m a NYC and not for things and hope you win lol., Can’t wait to see this video…. yessssss lol

  3. That would be great, I hope you do get to meet and 🏃‍♂️ with Casey! NYC is downright balmy this time of year! Good luck and I'll be watching for your segment with Casey soon. 👍

  4. You might be a tad eccentric, but I am forever grateful for your 'tea cure' for hot spots. It cured my adopted Bichon Frise in just a few days, with the addition of an elizabethan collar. My mother's poodles were absolutely ravaged by hot spots and as a kid, I witnessed her spend much money and various pharmaceuticals only to see her 'babies' suffer from continual outbreaks (no fleas were involved. nor were allergies). We are in Manhattan, UWS, Haalam to be exact. If you run in Central Park, please be aware that despite much community demand and input, there are currently NO fenced dog playgrounds in this, our greatest park! Yet many smaller parks have very nice ones. That's my BONE of contention ;). Have fun, my friend, in my city!!! Icarus Flare, the Thug Pug and Godot the Beautiful Bichon say hello, too.

  5. you know your a true Canadian when you don't wear socks in winter boots lol,, and go play in the snow , i do it all the time ! NYC will be amazing, my money is on you if Casey runs with you hahaha, have an awesome time Dr. A !!

  6. Hi Andrew, my English Setter, Misty, my Arabian horses, Hallmark and Khatalyst and my naughty Miniature Horse, Charlamayne and their mum, i.e. me, really hope you meet and go for a run with Casey Neistat. Susan xxx

  7. I'm in NYC! Will you be or would you consider perhaps doing some sort of joint conference or workshop on topics of interest to you both? Just an idea maybe even a meet and greet ? You have so many fans here in the U.S. Nyc. Would be so great!🙋🙌👏

  8. How can we help? Please post a link or some information so that those of us who want to help can help make a difference. I never wear socks inside of my boots. Socks make them drag putting them on and taking them off. Bare feet slide. LOL
    Follow your Bliss!

  9. I never saw his vids but of course I follow youtubers that others havent heard of. He shares your same hobbies n such… we got one life here folks thats it so get out there n do what you got to do!

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