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  1. 19:39 Looks at the Vape thinks to himself 🤔[is it?It can't be]…..[IT IS!!]😑😐🙂☺️😊😁😀 "SO MUCH FLAVOR" 💨💨💨😍 lol😂 I think we were all waiting for that rip can't wait to see it in future videos Until The Next Time 👋 Farewell From So.Cal

  2. Best Cannabis Channel On YT by far (Strain Reviews Straight to the point instead of sell out reviews although you'll get there one day but until then THE BEST) Wish This Channel A Long YT career please never stop making Videos for the true CANNABIS CONNOISSEURS

  3. Congratulations Mate,You deserve that 😀👍

    Edit: im really stoned now and Not Sure If i heard it right,You make a Contest where we can win the 2nd Shatterizer?

    That would be sooo nice. I would really appreciate that Dude!

    I also never won anything,dont have enough luck for winning Things 😂

    But it would be so nice to win this fantastic vape 😍

    Sorry for my Bad english 😂

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