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  1. Very fun video. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Just like Ice wine.

    Sue-Ann was awesome. She has that perfect combination of pride and passion. She boasts without bragging because you can tell how much she genuinely enjoys her craft. Honestly, I could probably watch an hour long documentary solely about her and what she does.

  2. Having some Inniskillin right now for the first time. Wow, tastes so good, amazing. Crazy expensive at $50+ for 375 ml per bottle. Was a gift, wouldn't buy it for myself but def would buy as a gift or to dinner parties.

  3. Its so weird I was up in Toronto with my family a couple years ago and had already seen this video so I new of Ice Wine before hand but didn't know exactly where the hosts went to get it. While my family and I were driving around in Niagra I ended up falling asleep and taking a nap when my parents woke me up and said that we were at a wine distillery only for me to ask to stay in the car but mentioned to them to try out Ice Wine. Now that I have re watched the video I've realized that we were at the second distillery that you guys visited! It is so freaky since I didn't even know the name of the place but now I do haha.

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  5. one thing about the entire Niagara region, its still stuck in its old ways of pandering to the cheap casino and falls tourists, its a stigma it can almost never let go of. the Ice wine can be great, the soil may have all the great qualities but the Niagara region is still a shit hole

  6. more special than burgundy well.. different regions make different tasting wines, it's always going to be apples and oranges by the end of the day. Everyone wants sell their product, point blank.

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