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  1. aha, no wonder ur scared of horses. u ran past it, u were probably nervous and scared and hyper which is a perfect medicine for making horses scared around you !! jus, be calm and respect the horse, it will give u the world

  2. lol that's the only reason why your scared of horses I don't want to be rude sorry you should find a riding place and take one lesson and I promise you that one lesson the horse will not crush your face or kick you XD

  3. A lot of the comments are saying that they were bit or kicked by a horse and now they are terrified of them. If you have no experience with the animal you shouldn't be in an area alone with one expecially if that animal has a bad history. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say most of you were doing something you weren't suppose to be doing around the horse. Horses don't think when they feel scared or threatened.. they just react and they are going to do whenever they can to get out of that situation. Most horses don't bite, most horses don't kick if you want behind them. You CAN walk behind a horse!!!! Most horses don't really pay any mind to you being behind them if they know you are there. Never go into a field or small area or just be with a horse you don't know and that will prevent a lot of accidents!

  4. #1 never run around horses
    #2 if the ears are pinned to his/her head they are upset
    #3 don't be careless around horses
    It's a living animal with emotion and feeling if it is scared it reacts before it thinks

  5. i didn't know you went to LA. when we meet up let me know about your adventures (unless theres videos you can point me to). i like horses but i wouldn't go out of my way to be near them – too dangerous x

  6. I'm terrified of frogs and toads. Even in the winter, if my sister says "watch out for the frog", i WILL scream at the top of my lungs. Even tho there's a snowstorm or something…

  7. They actually locked you in with a horse? While they knew you were that scared of it? No wonder you cried. I think it's more like the situations that made you scared of horses? If that's sounds logical? Because negative things always happened? Maybe if you want to face your fear someday, get someone who just will calmly be there with you and understands your fear a bit more ;D But with what you said I'd understand if you never want to look at a horse again ;D

  8. Running past horses is probably the wort thing to do! Haha! I have been trodden on my head by a horse, another jumped over me whilst I was lying on the ground, I have also been on crutches for a week after stretching a tendon in my ankle, bruised my bone in my arm twice, broke my finger, bit about 50 times and kicked in my knee! That come in the package of having your own horse! No wonder your scared! Hahaha

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