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  1. I trip everytime I do more than 3 pills! it’s horrible. My eyes can’t make out faces in the dark so my brain makes it up. AND ITS TERRIFYING. looking at everyone’s faces in the dark at the club and at the rave. it’s something I never want to see again 1 or 2 pills are fine but 3-5 is when it gets nasty

  2. My first time taking E was crazy as fuck, bro. Just after it started to kick in, I also took a few drops of some really good acid and two little tablets of mescaline. It was a wild night. This was when I was deep into the underground LA rave scene in the mid 90s. That night, we went to this crazy jungle party in a warehouse where my girlfriend and I, along with another good friend, all took the same cocktail. I was having visuals like I'd never seen before and a body high that was fucking amazing. At one point, we were huddled around an open window with a bunch of other people and we were smoking cigarettes and feeling the cool night air coming in. It was really hot in there. Every time the bass hit hard, it looked like the colors were coming off the buildings outside and evaporating into the air and I could feel every molecule that made up my body. We had a blast, but the party got shut down at like 4am. We walked out of there just tripping balls and our designated driver got us about half way through our hour-long drive home, when she fell asleep at the wheel on the freeway. We almost went off the road and we all started screaming, which woke her up and she pulled over to the side. At that moment, I went from tripping my face off, to completely sober. It must have been the adrenaline. I mean, I was dead sober within a few seconds. I took over driving and got us all home. When we got there safely, we went inside and smoked some weed and the trip came back on in full force. It was like I somehow paused it until we were home safe, then went back to tripping balls. We put on some jungle and continued our party until the late morning hours before finally going to sleep. I've had a lot of crazy trips in my time, but I feel like that one was one of the crazier ones. I could write a book based just on that night alone. So much happened that I could never fit into a youtube comment, lol. It was nuts.

  3. Mdma is very much like coke, it's an upper, but coke makes you allot more confident in the wrong way, where as Mdma makes you allot more loving, the fact that you was wavey on the md, just makes me think that your stuff was bashed, and a come down, is a come down, when you've been chemically smashing your dopamine and serotonin for a whole weekend, of course you're going to feel depressed as hell on the come down, this is why it hasn't effected you, sounds like you've only really dabbled with it

  4. When I tripped, we laid there for 6 hours getting real deep. Everything felt nice, bedsheets, air, hoodies, music, sound etc etc. Didn't see changing colours though.

  5. All I could see when I took it for the second time was The floor moving in waves,after that my hands started to get smaller while I was rolling a joint and I could see holes in my hand then everything started to spin and I realized I couldn't roll a joint so I asked my friend to do it, after that I got out to smoke it on the balcony and when I did it I started to see these little wooden people that are probably tall maybe like 17cm and I saw a dog laying down even though there never was any dog but yea,Then I saw people walking on the other side of the balcony but I asked myself how is it Posible because we where on a 3rd flor so how could people be walking on the other side lol,but yea after all of that I started to chill and love everything!

  6. DREW i Doubt you’ll see the comment as its old video but do you regret living this life style or are you glad/ dont mind you lived this way im just curios as you look like you live completely diffrent its like you went from super hippy to drippy skateboarder, which i aint judging at all i just wondered did you change your lifestyle naturally or was their a reason 👊🏼✅💯

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